1. What is CPPA and what does it do?

CPPA stands for Central Power Purchasing Agency and is responsible for the purchase of electricity from power plants on behalf of distribution companies in Pakistan. CPPA is also mandated to design and operate the wholesale electricity market for the power sector of Pakistan.

2. How can I contact CPPA?

You can visit CPPA's website at www.cppa.gov.pk or email them at info@cppa.gov.pk.

3. What are CPPA's office hours?

CPPA's offices are open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Pakistan Standard Time (PST).

4. Which entity is CPPA regulated by?

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) in Pakistan is regulated by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA). NEPRA is an independent regulatory body established under the NEPRA Act 1997, and its main function is to regulate the generation, transmission, distribution, and sale of electric power in Pakistan. NEPRA sets the tariffs for electricity and regulates the operations of various entities involved in the power sector, including CPPA.

5. Does CPPA have any job openings? How can I apply?

You can check for current job openings on CPPA's website or follow their social media channels for updates. Applications for job vacancies can usually be submitted online through the website or via email.

6. How does CPPA ensure transparency and accountability in its operations?

CPPA operates in accordance with the principles of transparency and accountability and publishes regular reports on its activities, including audited financial statements. CPPA also undergoes regular audits to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. CPPA’s IT systems, which include ERP, SDXP etc. also limit human interference with data to ensure transparency.

7. What is the role of CPPA in the power sector of Pakistan?

CPPA is responsible for procuring electricity from power generation companies on behalf of DISCOs. CPPA also acts as a market operator, managing billing, settlement and payment among other functions.

8. How does CPPA contribute to the development of renewable energy in Pakistan?

The ARE Policy 2021 has set aggressive targets of renewable integration in the national grid. In line with this policy framework, the IGCEP has been proposing a significant quantum of renewable generation to be added to the national grid in the next couple of years. To support the process, CPPA plays a vital role in fast-track commissioning of the ARE projects and facilitates execution of EPAs in a speedy manner.

9. How does CPPA ensure that electricity transactions are settled in a timely and accurate manner?

CPPA manages the financial settlement of electricity transactions between power producers and distribution companies, in accordance with contractual obligations. This helps to ensure that the electricity market operates efficiently and effectively. CPPA’s ERP financial and customized Purchase of Power module also ensure that all transactions are settled in a timely and accurate manner.