Commercial Metering System



1. Verification of meter readings shall take place under N'1DC standard operating procedures in accordance with Grid Code, and is a responsibility of NTDC.

2. NTDC shall provide CPPA-G the information of installed metering systems, commissioning
and testing.


3. All capacity and energy used for market settlement shall be measured through the Commercial Metering System. Collection and validation of metering data for the existing Common Delivery Points shall be carried out on a monthly basis by the NTDC, on the last business day of each month and shall be performed for Generation Companies by the Meter Reading Committee appointed by N1DC in accordance with PPAs.


4. NTDC will provide CPPA-G the data and information resulting from monthly Meter Reading.

5. If during the validation process, a metering problem or a failure is identified in a Main Meter,the CPPA-G shall use as commercial data the following

 (a) If the Connection Point has a back-up meter, the data metered by the back-up meter shall be used; and If the Connection Point does not have back-up meter, the energy calculated with the hourly reading by the System Operator shall be used


6. The CPPA-G shall inform, in the Settlement Documents, of any problems, errors or failures
detected and the replacement data used to calculate the energy for the Settlement Statement.