Saturday, 01 October 2022

Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership with PIDE


CPPA-G and PIDE have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in Islamabad on October 07th, 2020, at PIDE facility. This venture has been primarily executed for bridging the disconnect between informed economics’ research orientation with the power sector at large, along with the capacity building of both organizations on sustainable grounds, the establishment of tools & methodologies, and enablement of an academic strategic pioneer, PIDE, as an active participant in the power sector reforms.


This MoU is focused on assistance in various scopes, inter-alia, development of a model to carry out sensitivity analyses of Projected Electricity Prices on various economic variables, economic analysis of various policies and regulatory instruments, evaluation of economic internal rates of return for various strategic and general power projects, market development, economic analysis of market & technological interventions and emerging & existing financial/economic models. Various capacity building initiatives have been proposed by CPPA-G for the betterment of the youth, in specific, and nation-building, at large, along with options to steepen the experience curve of the institute through various training and engagement sessions.