Saturday, 01 October 2022

Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership with EPIAS


CPPA-G and EPIAS-the Market Operator of Turkey, have signed an MoU on Aug 2nd, 2017 for collaboration in the power market development. MoU was signed between EPİAŞ and CPPA-G after the training program at the EPİAŞ headquarters in Istanbul. Following items were agreed upon in this MoU:

1.       EPIAS shall provide consultation and advice to CPPA-G on the matters of market development.

2.        EPIAS shall share the experience of Turkish market development with CPPA-G.

3.       Capacity of CPPA-G shall be built through trainings, exchange programs, internships and likewise. 

4.       Sharing of public documents and information.

5.       EPIAS will provide guidance to CPPA-G to build the strategy of IT and other aligned services.

EPİAŞ representatives, MENR, EMRA, TSO and TETAŞ experts, including CPPA-G CEO Abid Latif Lodhi and other delegates from CPPA-G participated in the signing ceremony.