Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Polices and Rules (Market Rules and Commercial Code )

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The Commercial Code shall be applicable on the existing market structure, i.e. the single buyer model as well as current practices being carried out by the CPPA of NTDC.

During this phase, CPPA-G shall act as the sole agent of Distribution Companies and purchaser of capacity and energy on DISCOs' behalf from the Generation Companies, apart from Small Power Producers or other Generators which have decided to contract bilaterally with the Distribution Companies, and settle the energy and capacity taken by the Distribution Companies. CPPA-G shall be the administrator of PPAs and any International Trading Agreement signed by WAPDA or NTDC with neighboring countries for procurement of power.

During this phase, the Market Participants shall consist of the following:

a. Representing Demand: The licensed ten Ex-WAPDA DISCOs which shall share the power pool as per the power pool allocation currently operated by system operator;

b. Representing Offer: Licensed Generation Companies; with a PPA signed by, assigned to or administered by CPPA-G; and

c. NTDC as a Transmission Licensee, including the System Operator function.