Sunday, 05 July 2020

Central Power Purchasing Agency (Market Operator)


Chairman Message

The electricity sector is one of the most dynamic sectors of our Country. It plays a key role in the development and growth of the economy by ensuring an adequate, secure and affordable supply of electricity for end consumers. As a result of impressive generation additions, Pakistan has now achieved supply adequacy. However, now we need to strive hard to cope with the other challenges ranging from eliminating transmission and system constraints to improving sector’s governance for making the sector financially self-sustainable.

 Market Operator in any electricity market plays an important role in improving the transparency in market operations, gradually introducing competition in trade and improving the capacity of stakeholders for active participation in the market. FY2018 was another successful year for CPPA in terms of operational performance and its journey towards a competitive power market. CPPA is relatively a young organization which saw its inception in mid of 2015. Although a juvenile entity, it is gradually stepping its way forward through institutionalizing the best practices of corporate governance and penetrating its core values from top to the grassroots level of the organization.

 CPPA has improved transparency of the commercial processes and brought efficiency in the business operations through IT interventions, automation of core business processes, organizational restructuring, consultative sessions on proposed market design and improved corporate governance with full support from an engaged Board which is dedicated to facilitate the Company in achieving its vision of becoming world class Market Operator.

 I am also pleased to state that based on the given mandate, CPPA is doing a great job in centrally facilitating the designing and development of the Competitive Market for Pakistan, hand in hand with other power sector entities. Introducing competition in Pakistan's Power Market would attract investments in generation, gradually free from sovereign guarantees, and would improve energy security, reliability and affordability for the consumers of Pakistan.

I am proud of what CPPA has achieved in the year FY2018 and confident that the Company will continue to deliver transparent market operations and facilitate market transition.


As Chairman of the Board, I would continue to support CPPA towards its transformation that would bring a brighter tomorrow for our nation by reforming the wholesale electricity market operations. I welcome all stakeholders to be a part of this future.


      Mr. Irfan Ali, Federal Secretary, Ministry of Energy (Power Division) / Chairman CPPA Board